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ExpressDirect Software Support is the best way to ensure the continuing value of your investment in TESTExpress!  The ExpressDirect Software Support Plan features the following:

Call back, fax and email support, giving you three convenient avenues for requesting assistance on various issues that come up during TestExpress use.

Support history tracking: McGaw Technology uses a Windows-based automated system for tracking support issues by user so that a complete maintenance history is kept for each customer, enabling McGaw Technology, Inc. to provide superior support.

Customers will receive free 'point release' upgrades (for example, going from release 4.0 to 4.1) for products registered under the ExpressDirect support program, containing bug fixes and new product features.  Customers must be running the most current product release to qualify for the ExpressDirect Software Support Plan.

Customers will be required to purchase 'version level' upgrades (for example, going from release 4.1 to 5.0) when they become available in order to qualify for continued support under the ExpressDirect Software Support Plan.


McGaw Technology is so confident that you will find TESTExpress to be the most productive testing software you have ever used that we offer the ExpressDirect  Software Support Plan at no additional cost.  Customers are assured of receiving the support they need.  The only requirement to qualify for the ExpressDirect Software Support Plan is that you must be running the most recent release level of TESTExpress.

ExpressDirect.  Support that makes sense!

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