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TESTExpress Professional  is an Internet-based data acquisition and control instrumentation system that has been specifically designed to enable you to develop complex testing applications rapidly and reliably, without resorting to custom programming.  This Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach makes TESTExpress the solution to changing testing requirements.  TESTExpress enables you to build complex testing applications much faster using a familiar Windows-based graphical approach, and have them running sooner than you thought possible. 

TESTExpress Professional uses three basic building blocks as the basis for constructing testing applications:  Waveforms, used for data acquisition and command waveform generation, Limits, to enable your test to respond to events, and Blocks, used to control looping.  Embracing the TESTExpress RAD philosophy is the unique and powerful User Algorithm interface feature.  The User Algorithms facility gives you the ability to modify, during the test, waveform parameters such as amplitude, rate, endpoint, etc., in accordance with dynamically computed expressions that you provide.  TESTExpress Professional enables you to do this without requiring you to resort to traditional programming.  Tests that you thought were impossible or difficult to perform become straight forward with TESTExpress Professional.  New in version 4.0 are greatly enhanced test monitoring facilities, including X-Y and Strip-Chart real-time graphical displays.  Dynamic scaling, ranging and windowing of real-time data are key test monitoring features that provide you the opportunity to progress beyond conventional, paper-based chart recorders.  Finally, TESTExpress Professional can be used to generate many types of test reports, and can export data to most spreadsheet and graphics programs.  The reporting facilities include a powerful editing capability, enabling you to easily annotate your reports and results.  TESTExpress Professional does all of this within a Windows95/98 graphical environment.

Enormously flexible, chances are, TESTExpress can run the tests you're doing today... and tests your customers will ask you to do tomorrow! 


Key Benefits

Complete control over command waveform generation and data acquisition, including dynamically variable waveform types, data acquisition channel sets, and data rates.  TESTExpress Professional gives you control over both mechanical loading and temperature waveforms, while providing you with 8 channels of programmable digital output.
High resolution (16-bit) command waveform generation (D/A) and data acquisition (A/D).  TESTExpress can rapidly and continuously acquire and store data to disk, enabling capture of dynamic material behavior, including peak maximums and minimums, where the amount of data per test is dependent only on the available disk space.
Dynamic alteration of the control waveform based upon events occurring in other response variables (for example, load controlled, strain limited test control). Static and dynamic control mode switching (load, strain, and stroke), enabling multimode test control (when this capability is present in your servocontroller).
Exclusive: Powerful User Algorithm facility enables you to dynamically alter waveform characteristics according to algorithms you provide.  Taken together with the ability to build arbitrarily complex testing applications using the Block/Limit/Waveform method, TESTExpress Professional tackles your most challenging testing requirements.
Ships with a multitude of test examples, including LCF, HCF, Tensile, Block Loading, Cyclic Stress-Strain, Compliance Unloading based Fatigue Crack Growth, and many more!
Real-Time XY and Strip Chart displays, with user-selectable channels for the X and Y axes.  This allows users to dynamically adjust range and offset of each axis, as well as auto-range the display.  Users can dynamically pan and zoom the display, including zooming a user-selected region
Real-Time DVM displays:  Users may select up to four channels for concurrent, real-time display.  The digital volt-meter (DVM) type of display provides peak/valley as well as time-continuous readout of four channels, in the engineering units the user has chosen.  Users can dynamically assign channels for display, as well as independently adjust the precision of the four DVMs.  The four channels can be displayed in two formats: compact format, shown with the XY or Strip-Chart display, or large format, suitable for use during test setup.

TESTExpress.  It's not just better than what you're using today, it's a generation ahead!

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