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All of McGaw Technology's products share a common, internet-based instrumentation core, providing a common base of functionality that can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded.

TESTExpress Professional

TESTExpress Professional is a test automation package designed to enable virtually any servocontrolled materials testing system to be able to perform an incredibly wide range of tests, using a Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach.  If you have an analog servocontroller, and are looking to gain testing capabilities that rival and exceed those available on major brand digital servocontrollers (at a fraction of the cost of upgrading to a major brand digital controller), this product is for you.  Of course, if you already own a major brand digital controller, and simply want to be able to do more, take a good look at TESTExpress Professional.


TESTExpress Standard

TESTExpress Standard is a test automation package specifically designed to automate fatigue testing, for both Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) and High Cycle Fatigue (HCF).  TESTExpress Standard is based on the powerful and field-proven TESTExpress data acquisition and command waveform generation technology.


TESTExpress Alignment System

TESTExpress Alignment System is specifically designed to enable you to align your load frame in a fraction of the time, and with greater accuracy than your current approach.  Features an advanced, real-time mechanics simulation and display system, giving direct operator feedback on the state of machine alignment, with an emphasis on displays that make intuitive, physical sense.


TESTExpress DIGITAL Servocontroller

McGaw Technology's new DIGITAL Servocontroller sets a radically new price/performance level in the materials testing marketplace.  This is accomplished through the use of commonly available, PC-derivative hardware, combined with state-of-the-art software.  If you are frequently limited by the capabilities and functions of your current servocontroller, then the TESTExpress DIGITAL Servocontroller is for you.  Using a powerful, integrated test application compiler, you can extend and redefine controller functionality in McGaw Technology's newest materials testing product.


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