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The TESTExpress Alignment System is an Internet-based instrumentation system that has been specifically designed to enable you to align your load frame in a fraction of the time, and with greater accuracy than your current alignment practice.  An advanced simulation and display system gives direct operator feedback, with an emphasis on displays that make intuitive, physical sense.

The alignment system consists of a 16-channel, microprocessor-based, intelligent strain gage conditioning system that is connected to your Windows PC, where the operator interface resides.  The package is convenient and flexible, permitting you to roll the alignment system around your laboratory, from load frame to load frame.

Traditionally, aligning load frames has been a time consuming and error prone process, requiring experienced personnel.  The TESTExpress Alignment System is the first commercial product to address the major factors that make performing load frame alignment so labor intensive.  First, the TESTExpress Alignment System provides truly useful operator displays, providing intuitive, physically meaningful information to support the alignment process.  Secondly, the TESTExpress Alignment System actually provides detailed guidance to the operator as to WHAT to do (indicates specific adjustments required) in order to bring a load frame into alignment- an industry first.  Further, the TESTExpress Alignment System is able to distinguish between misalignment contributed by the alignment specimen and that due to the load train.  Finally, in another industry first, the TESTExpress Alignment System provides a unique operator training mode, enabling engineers and technicians new to the alignment process to train in the practice of performing load frame alignment under simulated conditions (no alignment specimen or load frame required), helping to ensure that actual load frame alignment tasks are performed efficiently and accurately.

With an emphasis on traceability, The TESTExpress Alignment System exports load frame alignment certification data to MS Excel spreadsheets, where printed reports may be generated.  Supporting national and international standards and practices, the TESTExpress Alignment System provides reporting compliant with ASTM E-1012 and NPL’s Measurement Good Practice Guide No.1 (Procedure A).


Key Benefits

16-channel microprocessor-based intelligent strain gage instrumentation system (12 channels are used for all specimen types).  Uses either 120 or 350 ohm gages (specify at time of order).

Supports multiple alignment specimen types, including: 

       Cylindrical: two or three gage groups (top/bottom, or top/middle/bottom)

 Hourglass (middle gage group only)

 Thick Rectangular: two or three gage groups (top/bottom, or top/middle/bottom)

 Thin Rectangular: two or three gage groups (top/bottom, or top/middle/bottom)

Cylindrical specimens can optionally use 3 or 4 gages per gage group.  All other specimen types support 4 gages per group.
Works with alignment fixtures from Instron, MTS, Interlaken, etc., and provides specific guidance on required adjustments of the x and y components of concentricity and angularity.
Provides numeric readout of all strain gages and derived results, including: gage group average, gage group bending strain, gage group percent bending, and gage group bending angle.
Provides physically intuitive graphical displays of specimen strain gage data, emphasizing x and y components of concentricity and angularity.
Provides a polar plot for each gage group (top/middle/bottom) showing percent bending and bending angle.
Unique Training Mode enables new operators to become familiar with the alignment process without requiring a load frame and alignment specimen setup.
Capable of separating alignment specimen and load frame contributions from alignment specimen data.
Generates printed reports via data export to MS Excel spreadsheets, documenting the alignment certification for your load frame.
Compliant with ASTM E-1012 and NPL’s Measurement Good Practice Guide No. 1, Procedure A.

TESTExpress.  It's not just better than what you're using today, it's a generation ahead!

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